Our Terroirs - Domaine Barmès-Buecher in Wettolsheim - Alsace

Our « Lieux-Dits »

Lieux-Dits of Wettolsheim

  • Rosenberg – Mountain of roses

Our Rosenberg vineyard is situated in Wettolsheim on a hillside with diverse geological characteristics and clay-limestone and sandstone soils. Our vineyard parcels are mainly east and north facing and planted on rich soils where the vines flourish. 

The wine produced here is ripe, round and elegant.  Its distinctive characteristics will  improve with bottle ageing. 

  • Leimental – Valley of clay

Our Leimental vineyard is on a small plateau nestled on a hillside just next to Wettolsheim.  The parcel is east facing and covers 24 ares of land in which the roots of the 40 year old vines wind their way down through layers of limestone strata in a clay-rich soil. We produce a racy yet ripe Riesling with good depth and structure.  A great wine for laying down. 

  • Clos Sand - Sand

This 'Clos' (42 ares) sits on a 40-50 % slope of granite terrain at an altitude of 350 to 400 metres overlooking the village of Wettolsheim.

This stunning setting is surrounded by woodland creating a fresh and cool microclimate. This combination of geological and climatic factors results in a remarkable wine with crystalline and saline notes. 

Lieux-Dits of Turckheim

  • Herrenweg – Gentlemen’s Path

Our Herrenweg plot in Turckheim is a lowland vineyard planted on the sandy, loamy soils of an alluvial fan. These soils, which can be referred to as ''quick soils'', react quickly to each year’s climatic variations. 

The wines produced here are open, complex and express the unique character of each vintage. 

Our Grand Crus

Grand Cru of Wettolsheim

  • Steingrübler – Stone quarry

The Steingrübler Grand Cru vineyard in Wettolsheim has a complex terroir consisting of clay-marl limestone soils on granitic sands. Our south and east facing vines flourish here due to the mineral and climatic complexity of the environment. This Grand Cru parcel produces round, elegant and refined wines with good ageing potential.

Grand Cru of Wintzenheim

  • Hengst – Stallion

''Stallion'' (“Hengst”) is a very fitting name for this rustic Grand Cru wine from Wintzenheim. Our 40 year old vines are south facing and planted on rich marl-limestone soils. The wines produced here are powerful, structured and spicy with good ageing potential.

Grand Cru of Eguisheim

  • Pfersigberg – Mountain of peaches

Our Grand Cru Pfersigberg vineyard in Eguisheim covers 19 ares and is planted with 50 year old Gewurztraminer vines. Their roots flourish in the marly soils made of old Muschelkalk limestone. Our Pfersigberg parcel is east facing and produces a full bodied and remarkably elegant wine with great ageing potential, developing lovely iodised notes over time.

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